The only thing that limits you in this world is your own impression of who you are.
Aleksandr BRT, course creator

One day that changed the lives of more than 4500 people. Making a quantum leap of awareness. 7 years of deep self-knowledge in one day. Original practices for healthier awareness.

October 30 - Miami, Florida
This course is for you if
You want to do a complete spring cleaning of your inner world
You're looking for a quick and effective way to eliminate limiting beliefs, attitudes and fears
You want to understand who you really are
You're looking for effective consciousness tools that aren't religious or spiritual
You want to go beyond the boundaries of the mind and strategically see the current model of your life and growth points from above
You're looking for inner harmony and ways to maintain it
You know you can do more, but you don't yet know how to extract your hidden potential
You want to find your path and know it is the right one
You want more life in your life
About the course
This course is a phenomenon. There is no religion or spirituality. It's a highly effective way to increase consciousness. It contains original practices that identify and eliminate control programs that limit your beliefs and negative attitudes. You will learn how your body and mind work, and how negative attitudes are created and eliminated. Find out how to achieve any goal, how to change the mind's basic patterns of behavior, and learn the art of living. You do not need to become a yogi to learn how to meditate on nails, you will learn to see reality objectively and healthily expand the boundaries of your consciousness.
About the course creator
Aleksandr BRT is the creator of the discovering reality method

He does not identify himself with any traditions or religions. He has taken more than 20 trips around the world in search of tools and practices to understand an objective picture of world order. Alex has learned from various famous teachers, from philosophers to billionaires, including Mantak Chia, Stuart Heller, Igor Rybakov, and others.

During another retreat in Nepal, I decided that it was time for me to start radiating. I created a course called "Discovering Reality." The course is based on pure tools to increase consciousness and human development in a balance between inner harmony and the material world. In the process of teaching and doing research, an original technique was born: a natural expansion of consciousness and a conscious exit beyond the boundaries of the mind.
In a few words, what did I get out of the course?
(answers from course participants)
✓ A quality tool to eliminate limiting attitudes that really works
✓ The state of having a pure mind
✓ Understanding myself
✓ The unforgettable feeling of liberation and freedom
✓ Improving my quality of life without changing any external circumstances
✓ A way out of the darkness of fear toward the light of joy
✓ I learned to be "here and now," and I understood what that means and why it is so necessary.
✓ An awareness of what is important and what isn't
✓ The ability to distinguish your reactions and thoughts from others'
✓ The ability to not succumb to reactions
✓ The skill of setting and following through on intent
✓ A new self
✓ Rebirth
✓ The feeling of freedom and liberation
✓ My life is now split into before and after. I have a new life.
✓ Cleansing
✓ The return of order to my life.
✓ A calm mind
✓ The power to control my life
✓ I filled up my tanks
✓ Transformation of how reality is perceived
✓ The ability to see reality objectively
✓ The strength of like-minded people and new friends
✓ Understanding how my body and mind actually work
✓ An understanding of who I am
✓ Outer space on earth
✓ I thought I was fine but during the course, I realized that it could be much better and I figured out what needed to be done for that. Moreover, like they said, I made a quantum leap in that direction.


Course videos

Red carpet and introduction
Energy practice
Lecture on the basics
Multilevel meditation and journey to point 0
Healthy lunch
Preparatory lecture
Quantum meditation
reality management

Final lecture

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How should I dress?
As you wish. The majority of the course takes place on the floor.I would make this more neutral: Some people bring dressier clothes to change into for the final meditation.The course is photographed and videoed.
How should I prepare?
Come with no expectations for the upcoming experience. Try to eat light the day before the course and on the day of the course. Try to avoid meat, chicken, fish, eggs, milk, coffee, alcohol, cigarettes, sugar, and gluten. If you have breakfast before the course, it should preferably be something light, for example, if it's oatmeal, make it with water instead of milk.

Are there any reasons one can't participate?
Not for the main part of the course. There are for the final practice, but the course will still be enough without it.

* The final practice is not recommended for pregnant women.
* The course is not recommended for people who have suffered from a stroke/heart attack within the past 6 months.

Photos from the courses

Course Location

Miami, Florida
1601 Biscayne Boulevard Miami, FL 33132 USA

Phone number: +7 937 615 1115
The course will be photo and video shooting